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Date posted: June 6, 2013

When I first heard from Amy Clowers, of Newark, NJ, it sounded like a problem:

“I bought a LofaBed in 2004 and it needs repair as I cannot open it out flat.  Is it possible to have someone repair it?”  

It turns out that Amy bought her LofaBed from Rockaway Bedding, a 185-store chain I used to supply until they went bankrupt several years ago.  In other words, I had never dealt directly with Amy Clowers before.  Now, I believe in “customer service,” so even though Amy was technically not my customer…I felt an obligation to help her out.  So I wrote her back and asked her to tell me more.  And I was floored by her response:

“I purchased a LofaBed nine years ago.  Every time my family comes for a visit, they fight over who gets to sleep on it!  I LOVE it!  Your LofaBed is the best purchase I have ever made…thank you so much.” 

Well, I don’t know about other online companies, but I don’t often get to hear this kind of praise.  I mean…really…the best purchase she ever made!?!  As the Leo DiCaprio quote goes, “You had my curiosity…NOW you’ve got my attention!”  So I called her on the phone, determined that all she needed was a pair of replacement hinges ($25+ freight), promised to mail them along with Assembly Instructions … and asked her to elaborate on her “family” situation.

“When my family comes to visit, they all FIGHT over who gets to sleep on the LofaBed.  It is truly amazing and comfortable.   It is such a convenience that has solved so many visitor problems.  I can’t say enough good things about your product.  It looks great even after 9 years of use!”

And once Amy had received and installed the hinges, she wrote back:

“I found someone to put the new hinges on my LofaBed.  My family is so happy to be able to sleep on it again.  The fighting over who sleeps on it has started again and it is so funny.  The man who replaced the hinges kept sitting on it and saying how comfortable it is.  He said he is going to order one as soon as he can.  Thank you again, Mitchell, your product is the best.”  

Amy said it best.  What more can I say?


Mitch Wapen