The LofaBed chaise longue sectional has morphed into a U-Shape with the addition of a second chaise longue. Measuring 88″x147″x88″, you can now not only fill up an entire room with one piece of comfortable furniture, but you can accommodate FOUR sleeping adults simultaneously! At only $2790.00* if pick up is made at our warehouse in any fabric! The U-Shape sectional like all LofaBeds, are made-to-order, which means the unit between the chaise longues can be any size you want: full/double, queen, qouble, loveseat, twin/single, or chair. All LofaBed units are joined with metal furniture clips, which means they all stay together nice and tight, unless you want to separate them. Each chaise longue comes in two parts, the smaller of which opens into a large, plywood storage ottoman. When packaged, this U-Shape sectional measures 148.5 cubic feet and weighs 352 pounds. It ships in five packages: main body, both chaises, and both ottomans. Please note that because all of our Lofabeds are custom built, all sales are final. *Please note that our prices are in CANADIAN currency
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