A Mary Miller queen LofaBed sleeps perpendicular to a wall meaning your head is facing the wall and your feet are pointing into the room just like with a traditional pull-out sofa-bed. The mattress alone is 60″ wide, but the overall width is determined by the arm style you choose. The mattress dimensions are 60″ x 80″ x 8″ including the ottoman perfect for tight-fitting fitted sheets. The price for the mary miller is $825.00* and the ottoman is $485.00* and that includes any material and arm style. The dimensions of the Mary Miller Queen are 60″x 54″x 20″. The dimensions of the ottoman are 60″x26″x20″ which offers plenty of its own storage. When packaged, the Mary Miller queen measures 57.5 cubic feet and weighs 237 pounds. It usually ships in three packages: body, arms, and ottoman. Please note that because all of our Lofabeds are custom built, all sales are final. *Please note that our prices are in CANADIAN currency
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