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Sofa Bed Replacement Mattresses

Date posted: October 2, 2008

About once a month someone writes to inquire about replacing an old Hide-A-Bed mattress with a new one. Normally I tell them to keep searching the internet, because shipping only a thin mattress from Canada would be prohibitively expensive. But recently l came across a website that specializes in such mattresses, and I thought sharing this information in my blog could be helpful.

While all LofaBed mattresses are 8″ thick and of standard dimensions, pull-out sofa bed mattresses tend to be thinner and shorter in order to be able to fold three times and become the sitting cushion.  The reality is that a full/double LofaBed mattress is actually bigger than a queen size hide a bed mattress: 75″ compared to 72″!   

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But when you need a replacement mattress for a traditional sofa sleeper, call the experts at  And tell them Mitch sent you!

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