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Do the springs in your mattress cause cancer?

Date posted: August 21, 2010

I just read an unbelievable article from a natural health newsletter that claims research shows there may be a link between the springs contained in most North American mattresses…and the skin cancer Melanoma! The concept is that people who live near FM and TV transmission towers MAY be contracting Melanoma at higher than normal rates because the metal springs in their mattresses are acting as antennas which enhance electromagnetic radiation!  

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This is heavy stuff, and I have no way of knowing the validity of this claim…other than to say it comes from a reputable newsletter which my brother, a San Francisco ER doctor, forwards to me. But if there IS a basis of concern here, our LofaBed sofa bed certainly offers the solution. Y’see, we have NO METAL at all in a LofaBed other than the small pair of davenport hinges on each side of the storage box.  Our frames are made of mostly Canadian hardwood and our mattresses contain nothing but high density polyurethane foam (2.0 lb. density, soft compression) and 8 lb. layers of cotton batting.  Certainly nothing there to attract wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation.

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Mitch Wapen