are we?

Lofasofa is a proud Canadian company founded in 1996 by Mitch Wappen. Though we have always been the manufacturer, in 2015 we took over and became the sole merchant of the Lofabed.

We are a family operated business, our passion for furniture goes far back and our fire and expertise makes the Lofabed the best product on the market! We have always focused on the quality of our product to ensure customer satisfaction and that is why we use Canadian hard wood that is strong and long-lasting and an 8’’ futon mattress to ensure longevity of our Lofabeds. Other’s make sofa-beds but we make a good night’s sleep!



Are you interested in a good night’s sleep? Our lofabeds are even more comfortable than most regular beds. We now use our premium foam in all of our Lofabeds to ensure customer satisfaction, you’ll be impressed!


Simple & Practical

The lofabed offers a comfortable sofa for everyday use as well a comfortable bed when needed. No need for an extra guest room when the lofabed is in your home!



The lofabed looks like a normal sofa, but incorporates and 8’’ buttoned futon, a storage compartment for sheets, blankets and pillows. We have also incorporated a wall-hugging mechanism that is incredibly easy to operate.


Simply the world’s most comfortable sofa bed! The LofaBed is made out of Canadian hardwood in a great variety of sizes, colors and styles. For a good night’s sleep or a great place to sit.

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