LofaBed Grand Prix 2

When I first heard from Amy Clowers, of Newark, NJ, it sounded like a problem: “I bought a LofaBed in 2004 and it...

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Joe Schulz’s 3rd Party Video Testimonial

“We have a new baby coming around the beginning of May and are looking at sofa beds since the guest room is...

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Baby’s coming soon…I NEED a LofaBed!

When Jill H. first wrote, she was very casual with her questions: “Hi Mitch, We’ve been looking at...

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LofaBed Accessories

Over the years, the LofaBed has evolved from the original full/double into the 7 sizes, 25 fabrics, and 10 arm...

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The LofaSofa Jingle

Back in 1980 I was a furniture retailer with several outlets in the greater Montréal area. This was before futon...

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LofaBed Demo: The boy in the video’s Marcus, my son…

Shortly after inventing the LofaBed back in 1996, I realized I needed a video to show potential dealers and...

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The LofaBed Knocks Down For Easy Carrying

As you might imagine, I get a ton of inquiries concerning whether or not the LofaBed will be able to fit through...

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LofaBed vs. Hide-A-Bed

I just came back from a 2-day business trip to South Yarmouth, Cape Cod. I was invited to make a LofaBed...

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LofaBeds vs. Futons

Are LofaBeds just glorified futons or are they really a whole new category of sofa-beds?  As the inventor of the...

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The LofaBed: simply the world's best sofa-bed!

Mitch Wapen

My name is Mitch Wapen, and I'm the guy who developed the LofaBed and runs this website. To avoid confusion: The website is LofaSofa and the product we sell is the LofaBed.

The Lofabed is made-to-order out of Canadian hardwood in a variety of sizes, styles, and fabrics.....and will appeal to anyone interested in a good night's sleep and a comfortable place to sit. This innovative new sofa sleeper is not only reasonably priced, but a multi-functional sofa-bed as well. A davenport convertible, combined with an 8" thick futon mattress, makes the ideal guest bed for anyone who values comfort and practicality. Featuring 7 sizes of comfortable, standard-size mattresses...10 interchangeable arm designs...and 25 gorgeous, upholstery-grade materials to choose from; this is how you tell your loved ones how much you'd like them to stay.

The Lofabed is the evolution of futon furniture. It is a combination of a davenport base and a futon mattress, resulting in a more comfortable, practical, and economical alternative to the traditional pullout sofa-bed. The Lofabed looks and feels like a normal sofa, but incorporates an 8" buttoned futon, a storage compartment for sheets, blankets and pillows; and a wall-hugging mechanism that is incredibly easy to operate. Elastic webbing supports the mattress and supplies a level of comfort unknown to hide-a-beds, imported click-clacks, or futons.

I have tried to make this website as informative and user-friendly as possible, but if you still have questions, I'm here to answer them. Over the next few pages you'll be introduced to videos, price lists, dimensions, fabric swatches, and lots and lots of pictures......all designed to help you understand why the Lofabed is so much better than a standard sofa-bed. In fact, the only page that's not about the Lofabed, is the Limericks page.....and that one's there simply to make you smile. So enjoy the site, and write when you're ready.

Mitch Wapen, President
Lofa Sales International